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My name is Frank Vizza, and I began AAA Home Inspections in 2004.

I have spent many years in building and property maintenance. During this time, I focused on fixing small problems before they became more serious and costly issues. As a home inspector, I am keen to look for things that could develop into costly repairs. I have performed over 5,000 inspections.

My partner, Colin Shoemaker, is a veteran electrician with over 18 years experience and has performed over a thousand inspections in the last few years with AAA Home Inspections.

During the inspection we use a portable system that ensures all areas are inspected. We must answer a myriad of questions on this system in order to complete the report.

All issues are explained at the end of the inspection in the form of Safety Issues, Major Issues and Minor or FYI issues. We give a general overview of the property and pick out a few of the most pressing concerns, if any. We then can print out the report immediately and go through each item or simply email you a copy of the report after the inspection. We can accommodate you no matter if you are a first-time home buyer, requiring a lot of explanation or a seasoned buyer who just needs the highlights. 

We do encourage you to be present at the time of the inspection so you can see what we see. If you have any questions, it is most advantageous to answer them at the property so you can understand what was discovered. Answering questions is very important; it’s the other half of the inspection process!

Real estate agents know the value of a thorough, unbiased home inspection. 
If the home is in good condition, needing a few minor repairs or if the home needs major repairs, like a new roof, foundation repairs or electrical upgrades, then that is what is conveyed. 

We have been thanked many times from clients after pointing out very costly home repairs. In the event that inspection issues compel you to look for another property, you will receive a $100 discount (off the regular inspection price) on your next inspection.

We are proud to be a part of the professional team helping you with your new home or commercial property purchase!

We are happy to put our considerable knowledge and skill to work for you!

Frank Vizza
AAA Home Inspections